Watrous 2 ( Vinyle )

   In Tandem Danny Stiles 5 Featuring Bill Watrous
Famous Door HL 103
 Pochette  Titres  
Dirty Dan
It Had to be you
Blue Room
Myrtle Lee
In A Mellow Tone
The Skipper- Flipper Blues
Trb,Trp & Rytm
Danny Stiles Trp & Flugelhorn; Milt Hinton Bass;  Derek Smith Piano; Bobby Rosengarden Drums
Recorded June 1974

   Bone Straight Ahead Bill Watrous Combo
Famous Door HL 101
 Pochette  Titres  
Just Fiends
Don't tell me what to do
Blue Lou
Lester Leaps In
Trb,Trp & Rytm
Al Cohn Tenor Sax on side A
Danny Stiles Trp & Flugelhorn;  Milt Hinton Bass;  Hank Jones Piano;  Steve Gadd Drums
Recorder January 1973

   Watrous In Hollywood The Bill watrous Combo
Famous Door HL 127
 Pochette  Titres  Compositeurs
Beaver Power
The more i see you
Lights out
Blue Bossa
Why did i choose thee


Gordon Warren
Bill Watrous
  M. Leonard
Danny Stiles
Trb,Trp & Rytm     ;  Joe Romano tenor
Danny Stiles Trp & Flugelhorn;  Ross Tompkins Piano; John Heard Bass; Frank Capp Drums
Recorder Summer 1978

   In Tandem into the 80's
The Danny Stiles Fives Featuring Bill Watrous
Famous Door HL 126
 Pochette  Titres  
Cocktails for two
I'll never stop Loving You
Drew's in the Closet
Shiny Stockings
La Zorra
Trb,Trp & Rytm
Danny Stiles Trp & Flugelhorn; Derek Smith Piano & Fender Rhodes; Bobby Rosengarden Drums & Bongos;  Milt Hinton Bass;  Butch Miles Drums
Recorder  1978

   One More Time The Danny Stiles - Bill Watrous Five
Famous Door HL 112
 Pochette  Titres  
Groovin'with sweet face
I Can't get started
Baird's big Bad blues march
It's you or no one
You Nut
Trb,Trp & Rytm
Danny Stiles Trp & Flugelhorn;  Derek Smith Piano;  Milt Hinton Bass;  Mousey Alexander Drums
Recorder 1976

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